Belleville News-Democrat

Chief judge in St. Clair County gives verdict on first wave of hearings after cash bail system ends

By Mike Koziatek – September 20, 2023


Illinois Newsroom (IPM News, NPR)

217 Today: Illinois no longer has cash bail. Are courts ready?

By Farrah Anderson – September 19, 2023


Capitol News Illinois

As SAFE-T Act goes live, murder suspects previously eligible to post bond are held in jail

By Beth Hundsdorfer and Hannah Meisel – September 19, 2023


The Griffin Daily News

St. Clair Chief Judge on No Cash Bail

By McClatchy, Belleville News-Democrat – September 19, 2023


Internewscast Journal / WCIA-TV

Macon County navigates first day of no cash bail system

By N/A – September 19, 2023


KSDK-TV St. Louis

County jails begin releasing defendants after Illinois ends cash bail

By Mark Maxwell – September 19, 2023


Northern Public Radio / WNIJ News

End of no cash bail ushered in Winnebago County with no major glitches

By Maria Gardner Lara – September 19, 2023


Quad-City Times

Rock Island County navigates first day without cash bail as part of SAFE-T Act

By Anthony Watt – September 19, 2023


WBEZ Chicago

Courts in counties across Illinois take first steps into a world without cash bail

By Will Bauer, Mawa Iqbal, Chip Mitchell, Edith Brady-Lunny – September 19, 2023



SAFE-T Act implementation smooth in Kendall County

By Ethan Kruger – September 19, 2023


Yahoo News / Rockford Register Star

Most Rockford area defendants go free on first day of no cash bail in Illinois

By Jeff Kolkey – September 19, 2023


CBS 2 Chicago

Illinois becomes first state to end cash bail

By Asal Rezaei and Chris Tye – September 18, 2023


Chicago Sun-Times

Bail reform sees a smooth rollout in Cook County

By Matthew Hendrickson and Tom Schuba – September 18, 2023


Chicago Sun-Times

In Domestic Violence Court, promising first day of bail reform as judge works ‘few kinks out of the system’

By Sophia Sherry – September 18, 2023


Daily Herald

'It went well': As cashless bail starts in suburban courts, who was detained, who wasn't

By Barbara Vitello and Susan Sarkauskas – September 18, 2023


The Pantagraph

How McLean County courts handled the first day without cash bail

By Kelsey Watznauer – September 18, 2023


Rock River Current

Day 1 Without Cash Bail: 27 Cases Heard, Including One Involving The Shooting Death Of A 10-Year-Old

By Kevin Haas – September 18, 2023



SAFE-T Act now in effect, Central IL counties navigating changes in courts, jails

By Amanda Brennan – September 18, 2023



Champaign County adjusts to new no-cash bail law: State's attorney confident in justice system

By Mariena Lang – September 18, 2023


WTTW News Chicago

A Look Inside Cook County Courtrooms on the Day Cash Bail Ends in Illinois

By Matt Masterson – September 18, 2023


Chicago Sun Times

Cash bonds keep people in jail who are innocent until proven guilty

By N/A – November 11, 2020


Chicago Appleseed

“Bail Reform” Worked in Cook County; Now, Pass the Pretrial Fairness Act and End Money Bond for Everyone in Illinois”

By N/A – December 4, 2020


Southside Weekly

An End to Cash Bond in Illinois is Only the Beginning of Restorative Justice

By Nikki Roberts – December 9, 2020


Chicago Sun Times

“Black Caucus bills include important police reforms”

By CST Editorial Board – January 11, 2021


Chicago Council of Lawyers

“VICTORY: Illinois Just Passed the Pretrial Fairness Act and Ended Money Bail”

January 13, 2021


In These Times

“The Illinois Legislature Just Voted to End Cash Bail. Here's How Organizers Made It Happen.”

By Alice Herman – January 13, 2021


League of Women Voters of Chicago

“Support Pretrial Fairness”

By League of Women Voters of Chicago – January 13, 2021


The Pantagraph

“Criminal justice reform package will head to governor”

By Raymon Troncoso- January 13, 2021


Restore Justice Illinois

“Restore Justice Applauds Illinois Legislature for Passing Historic Criminal Law Reforms”

January 13, 2021


Block Club Chicago

“Illinois Votes To Stop Jailing People Who Can’t Afford Bail: ‘This Is Not A Just Or Equitable System’”

By Pascal Sabino – January 14, 2021


Huffington Post

“Illinois General Assembly Passes Sweeping Criminal Reform Bill”

By Dominique Mosbergen – January 14, 2021


Injustice Watch

“Illinois lawmakers move to end cash bail with ‘Pretrial Fairness Act’”

By Emanuella Evans – January 14, 2021


Public News Service

“IL General Assembly Approves End to Money Bond”

By N/A – January 14, 2021


Rockford Register Star

“They want justice now. And who can blame them?”

By Scott Reeder – January 14, 2021


The Telegraph

“HB 3653 incorporates law enforcement concerns”

By Andy Manar – January 14, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Nobody should sit in jail because they are poor. Can we agree on that?”

By CST Editorial Board - January 18, 2021


Chicago Tribune

Op-ed: Criminal justice reform: Too fast? Ask communities of color if it feels ‘rushed.’

By Kimberly A. Lightford – January 18, 2021


Capitol Fax

“How about we wait to see if it works or not before everybody loses their freaking minds?”

By Rich Miller – January 19, 2021


Chicago Tribune

“Column: Many oppose criminal justice reform bill. To what extent have they been misled?”

By Ted Slowik – January 19, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Criminal justice and police reforms in Illinois sure to lead to a more just world

By Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle Jan 20, 2021


The Daily Northwestern

“Pretrial Fairness Act would make Illinois first state to abolish cash bail”

Yiming Fu – January 21, 2021


Injustice Watch

“Illinois criminal justice reform bill critics playing ‘Fear-Mongering Bingo’ says State Sen. Robert Peters”

By Robert Peters – January 21, 2021


NPQ (Non-Profit Quarterly)

“Illinois Votes to End Cash Bonds by 2023”

By Carole Levine – January 21, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Every attack on new Illinois police reform legislation is predictable — and wrong”

By Rep. Justin Slaughter – January 22, 2021


Chicago Tribune

Letters: Victim compensation is a critical part of the criminal justice reform bill

By N/A – January 24, 2021


Black News Alerts

“Illinois Passes Pre-Trial Fairness Act, First State to Pass Such Legislation”

By Natalia Perez – January 25, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Reforms would reduce number of wrongful convictions”

By CST Editorial Board – January 25, 2021


Commercial News

“Letter: Justice reform in Illinois long overdue”

By Mary Catherine Roberson – January 25, 2021


Chicago Defender

“OP-ED: Criminal Justice Reform Victory the Result of Many.”

By Richard Wallace – January 26, 2021


Chicago Tribune

“Op-ed: Ending cash bail will improve public safety”

By Sharone Mitchell Jr. January 27, 2021


Bellville News-Democrat

“Illinois’ Pretrial Fairness Act helps marginalized people, so stop the fear mongering”

By Marie Franklin – January 28, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Ending the criminalization of poverty”

By Letters to the Editor Jan 31, 2021, 12:08pm CST

Robbin Stuckert

Presiding Judge, 23rd Judicial Circuit

Chair, Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Pretrial Practices


Effingham Daily News

Letter to the Editor: Pretrial detention reform must be effective

By Robin Stuckert, January 31, 2021


Chicago Sun Times

“Criminal justice reform is really about safety for people and police”

By Arne Duncan – Feburary 2, 2021


Chicago Tribune

“Guest commentary: Criminal justice reform package will ‘make our streets safer and our system fairer’”

By Eric Rinehart – February 3, 2021


Community Renewal Society

“Community Renewal Society Requests Governer Pritzker to Sign HB3653”

By N/A – February 3, 2021


Daily Herald

“Crime bill was carefully drafted to meet needs”

By Elgie Sims – February 4, 2021


Journal Star

“Commentary: Black Illinoisans deserve change now”

By Kimberly A. Lightford – February 6, 2021



“VERIFY: 4 key components of Illinois' criminal justice reform bill”

Hannah Rodriguez – February 10, 2021


ACLU Illinois

“Despite Headlines Suggesting Otherwise, Police and Criminal Justice Reform Bill Enjoys Wide Support in Illinois”

By N/A – February 21, 2021


ACLU Illinois

“ACLU Celebrates Police and Criminal Justice Reform Being Signed Into Law by Gov. Pritzker”

By N/A – February 22, 2021


Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation

“Pretrial Fairness Act Becomes IL Law”

By N/A February 22, 2021


Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts

“VICTORY: Governor Pritzker Abolishes Money Bail by Signing HB 3653 – The SAFE-T Act – into Law”

By Stephanie Agnew – February 22, 2021

VICTORY: Governor Pritzker Abolishes Money Bail by Signing HB 3653 - The SAFE-T Act - into Law | Chicago Appleseed Center for Fair Courts


Chicago Tribune

“Editorial: If you’re worried about ending cash bail, you’re fearmongering, Pritzker says”

By The Editorial Board – February 22, 2021


Fox 2 Now

“Pritzker debunks myths of Illinois criminal justice reform bill”

By N/A – February 22, 2021


The Justice Management Institute

“The Pretrial Fairness Act: Getting Reform Right”

By N/A – February 22, 2021



“Illinois Becomes 1st State To Eliminate Cash Bail”

By N/A – February 22, 2021



“Pritzker administration rebuts Illinois Sheriffs’ Association claims about new criminal justice reform law”

By N/A – February 23, 2021


Injustice Watch

“Illinois criminal justice reform ends cash bail, changes felony murder rule”

By Emanuella Evans and Rita Oceguera – February 23, 2021


Lake and McHenry County Scanner

"Lake, McHenry county sheriffs speak out after Gov. Pritzker signs criminal justice reform bill"

By Sam Borcia - February 23, 2021


Common Dreams

“'All Other States Should Follow': Advocates Applaud as Illinois Approves Elimination of Cash Bail”

By Jessica Corbett – February 24, 2021


St. Louis Post Dispatch

“Editorial: A new Illinois law would let judges, not finances, determine who stays in jail”

By The Editorial Board – February 24, 2021


Yahoo News

“Illinois becomes first state to end cash bail”

By Safia Samee Ali – Feburary 24, 2021


KBIA 91.3 FM

“A Massive Criminal Justice Reform Bill Is Now Law In Illinois. What Happens Next?”

By N/A – February 26, 2021     



“Illinois Becomes First State To Get Rid Of Cash Bail”

By Ashleigh Carter – February 26, 2021


The News-Gazette

“My Turn | 'HB 3653 expands safety, fairness and justice'”

By Minnie Pearson – March 2, 2021


Law Office of Steven Fine

“Pritzker Signs Criminal Justice Reform Bill Ending Cash Bail”

By Steven Fine – March 8, 2021


Madison – St. Clair Record

“Ending cash bail is fair to the poor”

By The Madison County Record – March 9, 2021


The Daily Illini

“Illinois abolishes money bail after activist push”

By Amrita Bhattacharyya – March 11, 2021


The Southern Illinoisan

“Voice of the Reader: Changing double standard”

By N/A - March 12, 2021


Chicago Reader

“Bail abolition is just the tip of the iceberg”

By Maya Dukmasova – March 19, 2021


Weekly Citizen

“Senator Sims Reflects on Criminal Justice Reform”

By Tia Carol Jones – March 24, 2021


State Journal Register

“Guest opinion: Why the end of cash bail is good for Illinois survivors”

By - Madeleine Behr and Amanda Pyron, April 24, 2021



“Advocates: lllinois' Criminal Justice Reform Law Replaces 'Irrational System'”

By Colleen Reynolds – April 28, 2021



“Illinois becomes first state to eliminate cash bail”

By Donna Miller – May 3, 2021


Illinois Newsroom

“Illinois House Passes Bipartisan Ban On Deceptive Interrogation Of Minors”

By Raymon Troncoso – May 29, 2021


Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

"Final language emerges in HB 3443 SA5; why we support it"

By N/A - May 31, 2021


Illinois News Live

“Legislators Pass Follow-up Criminal Justice Bill to Address Police Concerns | News”

By Roger Milian, June 2, 2021


The Pantagraph

“Illinois lawmakers pass follow-up criminal justice bill”

By Raymon Troncoso – June 2, 2021


Heart of Illinois ABC

“Law enforcement hopeful with follow-up criminal justice reform bill”

By N/A – June 3, 2021


Journal Gazette & Times Courier

“Illinois lawmakers pass follow-up criminal justice bill”

By Raymon Troncoso – June 3, 2021

“Law enforcement hopeful with follow-up criminal justice reform bill”

By N/A – June 3, 2021


Chicago Tribune

"Oak Lawn mayor, police chief see trailer bill as a slight win for law enforcement"

By Jesse Wright - June 16, 2021



“New Studies Show Simultaneous Decline In Incarceration Rates And Crime Rates In Lake County”

By N/A – June 23, 2021


The Telegraph

"Area police chiefs comment on reforms in the SAFE-T Act"

By Shepard Price - June 24, 2021



“Support IL HB 3653”

By Jessie Clayton – Date N/A


Coalition To End Money Bond

“The Pretrial Fairness Act: Ending Money Bond and Dramatically the amount of people incarcerated pretrial in Illinois”

By N/A – 2021